[rf_quote cite=”Raheel Farooq”]Friends; the more, the less![/rf_quote]

Hi, I’m Raheel Farooq.

Welcome you to my website. I encourage you to try to find something here that belongs rather to you than me…

[rf_pullquote align=”right”]Everyone is the right person for the right person, you know…[/rf_pullquote]

Let me introduce myself in case you haven’t been lucky enough to know me already. I’m a Pakistani teacher, writer and voice over artist living in Southern Punjab. My first, and yet last, book was published in 2010. Titled Zaar, It was an anthology of my Urdu poems in the classical tradition of Indo-Iranian ghazal.

Though I’m not a philosopher in (even any less) strict terms of the word, I like to think upon and explore what is inside and outside the microcosm of human mind. I have an idea of how logic works, so I try my best to avoid any errors in reaching conclusions. This has lead me to study a great variety of things, from palmistry and Kabbalah to philosophy and project management. You’re welcome to call me Jack of many trades, and consequentially, master of none!

What to Expect from Raheel Farooq?

Talks about everything I know, and probably, anything you know. I love to socialize. My first and last romance to date has been humanity, or to be clearer and less misguiding, mankind. So, I’d like to be with you, dine with you, walk, talk, smile, cry and share things with you. Then, realizing it’s been too long either for me or you, I’ll go home and think all night whether you’re the right person to meet next time!

Wait, wait. I was just kidding. Everyone is the right person for the right person, you know…

Lastly, if you came here accidentally looking for another Raheel Farooq, I’d rather suggest you to stay with me. I’m sure I’m the best of the lot!