An Idea to Improve the Quality of Your Life

"Life is a goddess in action; let's be worthy spectators!"
Boy Smiling - Happiness
Life is a goddess because we seldom rule it.  It rules us, and all we get to satisfy our ego sometimes is an illusion of power, and authority, and independence which vanishes as soon as the goddess changes her mind. Most of the problems we face in our daily life arise from this short-lasting illusion. During this illusion, we feel control, we feel impunity, we feel authority and independence, we feel power. And this is what remains with us long after the illusion is gone and we're helpless like a baby.
Improving the quality of your life depends upon how much you recognize and understand the gestures of the goddess. It has to do with the tendency to surrender and the drive to evolve. We have to make ourselves better, but we also have to understand our limits. But this is an ideal or semi-ideal situation for normal people. We generally tend to bend more towards one of the two which ultimately leads us to the extreme. We either build a strong liking for surrender and compromise, or deveope a habit of fighting what cannot be changed. The great people history and news tell us about, are all who have striked a remarkable balance between the two extremes.
Life demands us to bow before the limits it puts on us. But on the other hand, it also requires us to play the best role we can where we have been given enough ground. There is a great saying by some wise man whose name I'm not sure right now. It goes like:
"Accept what you can't change, or change what you can't accept!"
But this principle, especially the second part of it, doesn't mean that you actually have the fullest authority. It only means that you should have a deep understanding of what your limits are. In terms of daily life, you should be aware of the situations where you can't help accepting what you may not control, as well as the ones where you should be careful enough not to miss any stone unturned for your goal. Life is an intermediate place; it's neither a hell, nor a heaven. You neither have all misfortunes, nor all fortunes. You have a blend of both. And the goddess wants you to see, realize and utilize the beauty of this blend for your inner peace.
A businessman has to face the conflict between his marital and official roles. He may be independant at office, but even a minor mishandling of this freedom can cause problems at home. For instance, he may want to devote most of his time to an important project in which he sees enough earning potential. And he is free to implement this idea. But this action also entails an irritating absence from home which may not be welcomed by his wife. Further use of freedom at office may limit his freedom at home even more. This is what life typically is like!
Improving the quality of your life has much to do with striking the balance and being in a position to rather control where you want to be free and where you can afford restrictions and hurdles. It's a matter of choice which, if not used properly, can bind you to the strictest bonds you can think of. But if you learn to compromise a bit, not on your goals, but on your ways to reach them, the goddess is all yours!


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