Raheel Farooq

Raheel Farooq


Raheel Farooq is a teacher, writer and broadcaster based in Punjab, Pakistan. His first, and yet last, book titled Zaar, a collection of his Urdu poetry, was published in 2010. He is a graduate in Urdu language and literature and has associate degrees in education, and sociology and journalism. Currently, he is looking for opportunities to pursue postgraduate studies in social sciences, liberal arts or humanities.

The genius of Raheel Farooq has already been recognized by international academia and intelligentsia. He has been mentioned in four or five research publications as of now, including one from US Office of Science. In 2014, he was quoted in a Manekshaw Paper by Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), a think tank under the aegis of Indian Army, despite being a citizen of the enemy state, i.e., Pakistan.

Raheel has served as a District Teacher Educator in Directorate of Staff Development, Punjab and has almost a decade's teaching and training experience under his belt. Always keen about communication and conceptualization, he has devised a new scheme of teaching English Tenses after discovering a unique structure underlying the English langue. It has been hailed by a good many teachers as an unprecedented attempt at unifying the rules that govern spoken and written English.

Raheel Farooq is believed to be quite insightful and vociferous in his support of tradition in Urdu ghazal. His poetry is often appreciated for its classic diction, idiomatic excellence and adherence to the legendary tradition of Indo-Iranian ghazal. He has also successfully established himself as a stylish prose writer in the past few years.