Application to Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif - Need Your Support

man worried over his problems
Hello dear readers!
Thank you so much for supporting my in my cause to fight against oppression. As you know, I had filed an application to the Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif nearly a month ago against unfair possession of my land from some people. When my accused relatives came to know of the petition, they bombarded me with threats and defamation. What happened next? See for yourself below.
This is the second application I submitted to the CM Punjab. It is reproduced word by word here so that it may serve you and others as a record.
The computerized response from the complaint cell is as follows:
Thank you for sending us your complaint.
Issue is being sent to the concerned quarters.
Action taken on the matter shall be communicated to you in due time
Please notedown your complaint number is
Here goes the application:
I had submitted to you an application nearly a month ago regarding the illegal occupation of my agrarian land property. I’m thankful to you for taking due action and directing the DCO, Khanewal to look into the matter. It was complaint No. cms30872, regarding which the letter No. DIR (CC)/ONL/14/CMS30872 was dispatched from your office to that of DCO, Khanewal.
Having sought your attention, we had a chance to further look into the matter ourselves. It transpired that Mr. Shahid Hussain Haraj, the applicant for stay over our property, had tempered with land records documents to persuade the court of legitimacy of his false claims. His brother, Mr. Wajid Hussain Haraj, who serves the government as a patwari, helped him to forge the revenue records.

10 Divine Rules to Find Peace of Soul

Peace of Soul - Happy Girl
Spiritual peace is actually what every human being on earth is searching for, sometimes consciously, often unconsciously. Sooner or later, everyone recognizes that wealth, beauty, fame, popularity, skills, etc., do not have that magic wand which could turn our life into a life of full of bliss. The solution to all the pains of humanity, as every man of wisdom from Confucius and Socrates to Osho and modern practitioners of yoga have been reiterating, lies within us.
When we have recognized the impotency of mundane merits to bring spiritual peace, we naturally urge the ultimate solution. And it is there as always, waiting only for our attention. I cannot name this solution in one word. But at least I do know where it comes from. And that's what matters to us.
Here are the ten golden rules that I have not only found great for ridding myself of the mundane anxiety, but have also seen them as principle parts of sagacious ethics. Here we go!

Rule No. 1. Be Indifferent:

Don't make unnecessary associations with the persons and things that aren't actually necessary. Learn to live on your own. Things and people come in and go out. Let this be so. You will only tire your soul and body if you try to change this universal rule.

Rule No. 2. Do the Right:

Never ever rely on a wrong action for gaining pleasure. It's a trap. And everyone has fallen in it, even if only for once. The wise learn the lesson right away. Always do what is good to the best of your knowledge. And only you can decide the best of your knowledge.

Becoming the CEO of Your Company

CEO of the company - successful happy man
Many aspire to climb to the top of the corporate ladder. Is there a formula to follow, and what traits are expected of the appointed Chief Executive Officers? The executive recruitment often requires exceptional skills and characteristics of the individual being considered for the position. Certainly, most valuable asset is an extraordinary knowledge of the industry acquired through vast experience, education or the combination of both attributes. 


On the way to the corporate ladder, some kind of formal education is typically required. In many cases, a degree in business-related disciplines, economics, management or finance is expected. Completing higher education, focused on these disciplines, ensures an exposure to problem solving and continuing interaction with a diversified spectrum of population. It also teaches the individuals the arcana of proper leadership and control. There are no regulations mandating that the CEO must acquire any specific type of education. However, those without any proper credentials may experience more obstacles when trying to get to the top. 


In addition to proper education, the applicant will be most likely required to present a significant amount of experience or exceptional familiarity with the industry when going through the executive recruitment process. The CEO’s job description includes providing a structured course of action leading to the improvement and eventual expansion of the company. Skills to navigate through any potential opportunities and risks are essential to implement when obtaining the position as the head of the company. 
Throughout the history of business operations, there are many examples of individuals who have successfully worked their way up through the ranks before they became CEOs. One of them is Andrea Jung, a former CEO of Avon. Andrea started her career at Bloomingdales as a management trainee. With her retail experience, she finally joined Avon as a consultant and climbed the ladder all the way to CEO. Another example is Jack Welch, who started with General Electric as an engineer and eventually became the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

3 Bad Social Habits That Make You Unhappy

Unhappy People - Bad Social Habits
Humans are not perfect. They have shortcomings, they make mistakes.
To err is human.
But the happiness that some achieve sometimes in their life is definitely perfect. The way to this happiness is lit by the courage to overcome bad habits that cause unhappiness in our life. Society confronts us with some of the greatest advantages and disadvantages as humans. We're protected, but we're bound. We're loved, but we're forced to be like our lovers. This kind of restrictions makes some sensitive souls uneasy to the extent that they gradually become depressed.
There is no rule to a good life. There are thousands, may be millions, may be even more. It's you who knows which rule works for you. Here, however, I attempt to enumerate some of the most common social habits that cause unhappiness in people. May be realizing their role works towards the improvement of your own life.
Here we go:


Weak people complain all the time. And this makes them even weaker without their realizing it. Others may listen to your complaints and laments sympathetically, but all you want them to know is that you're weak and miserable. You convey the message of your unhappiness to society, which is proverbially populated faster than speed of light. Is that what you really mean when you complain? If not, stop complaining.

Simple Ways to Recover from Holiday Spending

woman worried after holiday shopping and spending money
The Yuletide season is the time of the year for gift-giving, parties, and indulging in holiday specialties like ham and queso de bola. Now that the holidays are over, do you find your pockets empty once again? Are you wondering where your 13th month pay or Christmas bonus went? Are you worried you may have charged too much on your credit cards when you bought presents?
You are not alone. A lot of us, despite having received some extra cash for Christmas, have spent most—if not all—of it during the holidays. Here are some tips to help you recover from your last holiday spending spree:

Learn About Finance

If you have free time at work or at home, start browsing different sites and blogs about personal finance. Researching on the internet is an inexpensive way to get information, as compared to buying books. There are different websites that educate readers about budgeting and managing their finances better. A couple of helpful blogs are: – Blog owner Randell Tiongson has 25 years of experience in the financial service industry including banking, financial planning, insurance, mutual funds, and management consultancy. – BrighterLife is Sun Life’s community website, which aims to inspire and educate Filipinos about financial security.

Take Advantage of Overtime

If your boss tells you to work overtime, do it. Consider it an opportunity to earn back all the cash and credit you spent during the holidays.
By law, overtime pay in the Philippines should be an additional 25% on your regular hourly rate. If you work for three more hours a few days each week, you get to earn more on your next payout, which would definitely help boost your finances.

Educating Children for Life - 4 Lessons for Parents

Mother happy with children
Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.

- Bertrand Russell

 Education is the most sensitive, or rather the only sensitive aspect of a man's life which decides his destiny. It is not schooling. It is everything one learns and believes as facts, realities and principles to live by. As for schooling, it often contradicts with the true education a man believes in and lives by.
Parents govern and determine what a child learns and believes until he is on his own. Therefore almost one third portion of our lives, the one in which the primary structure of our personality is built, is not actually lead by us. It is lead by our parents and guardians. And when we become parents and guardians, we also lead that portion of our children's lives. It is here that we mark the success or failure of our children, and in turn, our family as a whole.
I once wrote:
A successful father is not more successful than his children.
The success of a father is to make his children more successful than at least himself. But that's not the case with majority of parents. It is not because they're not sincere with their children or don't dream big about their future. It is because parents fail to develop that insight about their own children which is essential for the young ones' long term success as humans, family-persons and professionals.
I have a few advices for such parents. These are not the results of far-fetched researches or outcomes of deepest meditations on the philosophy of education. They are self-evident realities that skip our attention just because they're too apparent.
Here we go!


Parents often tend to get rid of the responsibility of educating their children by assigning the duties to a "professional" teacher. I don't mean to insult teachers by saying "professional". I only want to suggest the sub-thoughts in parents' minds that a teacher who is trained in educating children is the one who should take the whole burden of this responsibility. But even if a kind teacher assures you of this, he can't.
Your child is educated by his family, school mates, bus drivers, next-door friends, the movies he watches, the parks and resorts he is made to visit, etc, etc. A child's mind is like a chunk of wax which gets imprinted by everything it comes in contact with. Parents have the greatest responsibility to review off and on what is he becoming like by keeping an eye on what impressions he is getting. And before the wax turns into stone, they must erase any bad imprints immediately.

10 Ways to Improve Your Outlook on Life

Scenery - Nature
Sometimes it is really hard to be happy. We all have bad days from time to time — occasionally things just don't go our way and we have to deal with the consequences. Everyone has to make difficult decisions, face adversity and overcome hardship. However, we don't have to be bitter people as a result. There are a number of little things you can do every day to be more optimistic and have a more positive outlook on life. Here are a few of them.

1. Exercise

Research shows that the more physically active people are, the better their mood usually is. Exercise not only gets your blood pumping, it also releases endorphins in the brain. If you're pressed for time, you don't necessarily have to hit the gym for an hour after work. A few short spurts of exercise throughout the day are usually just as effective.

2. Eat Well

It may be a cliché, but you really are what you eat. You can't expect your body and mind to work well if you're constantly shoving fast food down your throat. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help you have a fit body and sound mind. A number of vitamins and nutrients are also proven mood boosters, so fill your plate with veggies and consider a daily multi-vitamin supplement.

3. Find a Hobby

If you work all the time and don't make time for you, it can be hard to have a positive outlook. Devoting time to a hobby can give you a necessary release from your work. Popular hobbies include playing a musical instrument, playing a sport and scrapbooking.

Laziness Is the Grandmother of Invention!

riding on bike - blurred due to speed
There were two brothers. They were very poor. One of them was very intelligent, the other very hardworking. Time passed by. The hardworking bro became rich, the intelligent one remained poor.
One bright morning, the hardworking brother came to the intelligent one, and scolded him for being lazy. He said to him:
"We were born in the same family. We had the same problems. Today, I have more money than you. I have come to you on bike. Can you afford a bike? Certainly not. Because you can't afford to get out of your dreams. I was less intelligent than you. But I succeeded. Because I worked. Day and night. Left no room for idle dreams in my life. And now I'm living a dream. I'm successful. I've achieved what you can only dream about!"
The lazy dude listened the lecture patiently, and then asked:
"Do you know who made the first bike?"
The practical bro was shocked by this irrelevant question, but he composed himself soon as is the habit with reasonable people, and asked sarcastically:
"Oh, was it you who invented bike, my intellectual lord?"
"No," said the lazy man, "but he was a sloth like me. He hated walking on foot!"


Necessity is the mother of invention, but laziness is the mother of necessity.