Raheel Farooq

English Aphorist

Raheel Farooq’s aphorisms on different aspects of life are widely quoted all over the world.

Urdu Writer

His first book was a collection of ghazals but he has now established his identity as a prose writer as well.

VO Artist

He is known for his classic accent, mellifluous voice and masterly command on Urdu language.

Raheel Farooq


Raheel Farooq is a writer based in Punjab, Pakistan. His first, and yet last, book titled Zaar, a collection of his Urdu poetry, was published in 2010.

He has an associate degree in sociology and journalism and is currently looking for opportunities to study further.

Raheel's aphorisms are widely quoted among academia, intelligentsia and bloggers around the world. In Nuclear Explosive Code Development Conference 2014 held in Los Alamos, NM, his views on predictability were cited by researchers from Sandia National Laboratories.

Raheel Farooq is believed to be quite insightful and vociferous in his support of tradition in Urdu ghazal.

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Urdu Writing

Har Taan Hai Deepuck (an Urdu essay by Raheel Farooq)… What a wonderful piece of humour! You look so young in the picture and your audio sounds so fresh that people are trying to dig out the “real author” behind you. I don’t mind if the piece in question is composed by a ghost writer, in fact I salute him… and advise him to come forward and declare his identity…

Arif Waqar
Arif Waqar Senior Editor/BBC World Service


Here are some of some of the thoughts by Raheel Farooq that have created a buzz around the globe.

  • “Wisdom is intelligence in context.”
  • “Predictability is not how things will go, but how they can go.”
  • “Gratitude is more of a compliment to yourself than someone else.”
  • “Conquer yourself; the world is you!”
  • “Misunderstanding is generally simpler than true understanding, and hence has more potential for popularity.”